Statistics show that over 80% of us are not happy with our careers and are living from week to week (often waiting for the weekend).

What is the purpose? Are you living your dreams or someone else’s? The two questions are quite different. Within most people’s lives, only the latter has been answered. For the uninitiated, your purpose is that empty space deep within your heart, the one you cannot seem to fill no matter how much money you earn, things you buy or hobbies you take on. It’s that voice deep within that whispers to you when you’ve taken that wrong decision to speak, do or become.

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Science confirms that 80% of us are not living our own lives. We are living the ideal lives of either our parents, guardians or the people we have admired at some point in our childhood and have therefore been influenced to become what they want us to be. We then fit what we want within our own hobbies. It does get worse at times, we start moulding our children to live the life that we ultimately wanted, starting the chain-reaction of living through our children’s lives.

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We therefore live in boxes, i.e. Box 1 = Work (30% of you), Box 2 = Family (50-70% of you), Box 3 = Professional Friends (20% of you), Box 4 = Personal friends (80% of you), Box 5 = Spirituality (70% of you) Box 6 = Hobbies (90% of you), Box 7 = Parent (60% of you) etc.. The strangest thing is that we spend most of our time at work, yet only spend about 30% of our real selves within this area.

My idea is simple: to get rid of these boxes and start living your life holistically, so you spend 100% of YOU within your work, friends, families etc, therefore leading a far more happier and satisfied life, every single moment for the rest of your life. What I like to call, a life of Purposeful living.

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What does (the other 20%) Warren Buffett, Donald Trump, Stephen King, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Christy Walton, Tony Robbins and many more successful people all have in common? They all live life to their fullest potential, often referred to as ‘following their bliss,’ ‘living their legend’ and ‘living their Purpose’

We are all born with unique talents, gifts and passion to fulfil a mission in life, in previous generations we were limited to what we did for a living, however in today’s technologically diverse world, we can all live the life we were born to live. Furthermore we can make money doing what we really love doing.

It does not matter how you have lived your life until now, all that matters is that you still have a solid dream of what you want to become. All that matters is NOW!

What you have done before is in the past and just as one cannot change the past there is no point living in the past either, so lets learn from the past and move on.

Just as we have decided not to live in the past we must also realise that worrying about the future is also pointless because you must be aware that it is in this moment that makes the future and beyond.

My point is, CHANGE can happen in an INSTANT once you have made that DECISION to go for it.

First, let’s see out of curiosity, whether your life be better? Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Am I getting what I want out of my life?
  2. Do I have stretching goals for the future?
  3. Am I reaching my full potential?
  4. Am I fulfilled by the work I am currently doing?
  5. Is my relationship the way I dreamed it would be?
  6. Do I have enough money to do what I want to do anytime?
  7. Is my life in balance?
  8. Am I happy with my body shape?
  9. Do I have enough energy to enjoy my days and nights?
  10. Am I living my purpose?
  11. Do I spring out of bed every day in anticipation to start my day?

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to all the above questions, your probably already possess the tools and techniques to make your life therefore there is no need for a coach, your thoughts and ideas are most welcomed within the comment sections of my blogs.

If you answered ‘No’ to one or more of the questions, then there is definitely potential for your life to be different and so much better.

You probably feel your life is okay right now (conscious mind),  yet you have a yearning for something else (Subconscious mind causing internal conflict). Am I homing in on anything familiar?

A feeling deep within your heart, perhaps? Such an emptiness confirms you are not living to your fullest potential and have decided to compromise because of some old beliefs where people have conditioned you to believe “You can’t have it all!” or the famous saying, “You cannot have your cake and eat it!”

Well I am here to tell you, “You CAN have it all!” and “You CAN have your cake and not only eat it but have so much that you can distribute it to others!” I know this because I have gone through the same limiting beliefs myself and for years I suffered, but now I am glad to say life is not how people had us to believe, life is as unlimited as our thoughts are. As your thoughts Expand, your life goes Beyond the limiting boundaries you were once conditioned to set, and as your life Expands, you are becoming more Aware that your dreams can be Easily achieved by Naturally progressing to new Experiences.

You see, we have 60,000 thoughts going through our heads everyday, these thoughts form our Internal World (Pictures, Feelings, Sounds, Taste and Smell). Such conversations you have with yourself when such thoughts come can be improved to better drive how you relate to such and ultimately how you respond which in-turn creates the positive result.

Are you prepared to step-up to what you really want in life? To be the person you deserve to be? To do whatever it takes in developing yourself and by default change your life to the life you have always wanted? I am here to guide you towards your highest self..

Here’s a little video on NLP.


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  1. Mitchell says:

    La trilogía de la línea capitulacionista es 1 apuntar contra los funcionarios, no contra el emperador; 2 amnistía y alistamiento; y, 3 reprimir la revolución?

    • Coach Mani says:

      “The trilogy capitulationism line is one point against the officials, not against the Emperor, 2 amnesty and enlistment, and 3 suppress the revolution?” Thank you :-)

  2. My brother recommended this web site. He was once totally right. Reading your posts actually made my day.

    I was scared to carry on… after reading your website posts, I feel inspired and have a will to go on… thank you coach Mani.

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